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Discretionary grants for small business

Further to our last post (“Grants: the discretionary scheme”), we believe that local councils are launching application portals on 1 June.

If you have not previously received a grant under the Small Business scheme (£10,000) or under the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure grant scheme (£25,000), for example if you occupy a shared work space, you should check to see whether you are eligible for the discretionary grant.

The guidance states that there are two levels of eligibility: priority 1 and priority 2. If the allotted funding runs out after distribution to priority 1 cases, anyone listed as priority 2 will not benefit.

Check for further details and download the PDF here

If you think you qualify, we strongly urge you to lodge a claim as soon as possible once your local council portal is open.

It is impractical to list the website address for all councils. For businesses in the Canterbury area, click here.

As always, take care.



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