Statutory Audit: Compliant but constructive

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We are registered auditors, qualified to carry out audit work under the Companies Act 2006. Whether you’re a small business and want your accounts audited voluntarily, or you’re required by law to have an audit, we make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Statutory audit from helpful, friendly accountants

An audit is a review of your accounting and financial records to ensure they comply with the law and accounting standards. It’s carried out by an independent auditor (that’s us).

As registered auditors, we’ve audited a wide range of commercial and specialist entities. Whether you’re a small business, charity, limited company or limited liability partnership, we can audit your accounts. We conduct all audits in accordance with applicable auditing standards and the ethical standards set out by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Throughout the process, we keep you updated about what we find and any recommendations we have for changes or improvements.

Small businesses aren’t required by law to have audits, unless more than 10% of your shareholders request one, or your activities fall within specific definitions. (In the UK, a small company is a company with a turnover of less than £10.2m, gross assets of less than £5.1m, and/or fewer than 50 employees.) A small company may, of course, voluntarily appoint auditors but, owing to the likely costs of an audit, this is quite unusual.

Charities have special rules in relation to audit obligations, depending on whether they are a limited company or have been established by a trust deed. In most cases, charities that have a turnover of £500,000 or more must have an audit.

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