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There are a variety of situations in which it is necessary to determine the value of a business, the shareholdings in a business, or the assets of a business. Business valuations are often complex, as they are dependent on a number of internal and external factors, such as economic- and industry-specific drivers and the business’s processes.

Forensic accountants for your business valuation

A business valuation may be required in relation to contentious and non-contentious matters. We are experienced and can undertake business valuations in relation to the following matters:

  • Matrimonial disputes (including divorce)
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements
  • Inheritance matters
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Shareholder or partnership exits or entries
  • Transaction pricing
  • Commercial disputes
  • Professional negligence claims

We have undertaken business valuations across a range of privately and publicly owned companies. We are also experienced in the valuation of intellectual property and other intangible assets, partnership interests, stock options, warrants, and the capitalised value of lost earnings.

We have the skills and expertise to identify and consider the key factors relevant to a business, and to assess the most appropriate business valuation methods to apply in each situation.

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We are proud members of:

NIFA is a network of independent forensic accounting practices providing solicitors, barristers and insurance companies with forensic accounting and litigation support services.

As qualified accountants, NIFA members are able to pool their combined forensic accounting knowledge and expertise to provide an efficient and reliable quality service.

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