Criminal Investigations

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As the business world becomes ever more sophisticated, the review and analysis of financial and accounting data, and the use of expert financial evidence, is increasingly important in assisting the prosecution and/or defence to ensure the smooth running of criminal and regulatory cases. The use of such expert evidence can increase the chance of achieving the best possible outcome for the end client.

We assist legal teams with financial and accounting evidence

We have assisted prosecution and defence teams in relation to many types of criminal and regulatory cases, including those relating to:

  • Corporate fraud, including fraudulent trading and false accounting
  • Other fraud, including investment and mortgage fraud
  • Theft, including employee theft
  • Insolvency-related offences
  • Carousel and other tax fraud
  • Money laundering
We have the skills and expertise to assist legal teams and ensure that the financial evidence presented in a case is complete, accurate and, importantly, consistent with the rest of the available factual evidence, especially the client’s witness statement.

We will consider the robustness of the conclusions drawn from financial and accountancy evidence, and whether such evidence may suggest an alternative factual scenario to the one upon which allegations advanced by the prosecution are based.

We also have considerable experience in providing expert evidence in relation to confiscation orders, and often investigate the level of confiscation claimed for legal proceedings.

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We are proud members of:

NIFA is a network of independent forensic accounting practices providing solicitors, barristers and insurance companies with forensic accounting and litigation support services.

As qualified accountants, NIFA members are able to pool their combined forensic accounting knowledge and expertise to provide an efficient and reliable quality service.

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