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What does a forensic accountant do in divorce proceedings? Due to the nature of divorce, it is common for one or both parties involved in matrimonial disputes to be distrusting of the information disclosed by the other. Acting either as an adviser or an expert, we can assist one or both parties to ensure the validity and reliability of the information disclosed. Ultimately, we can help the parties and their legal advisers reach a financial divorce settlement.

We help you reach a fair financial divorce settlement

We are regularly engaged to assist with the following matters:

  • Form E compilation and/or review
  • Divorce business valuation
  • Assessment of the liquidity of business assets
  • Assessment of historic and future sustainable income
  • Advice on the tax implications of asset splitting
  • Asset tracing and other fact-finding exercises
  • Quantification of losses in connection with the enforcement of financial orders
  • Duxbury calculations

We can assist one or both parties during the divorce process. We can also provide assistance after the parties have reached a financial divorce settlement, in circumstances where one or both parties have not acted in accordance with the terms of a financial order or are seeking amendments to a financial order.

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"It is important to identify objectives at an early stage. Having an open ended assignment is rarely in anyone’s interest."

We are proud members of:

NIFA is a network of independent forensic accounting practices providing solicitors, barristers and insurance companies with forensic accounting and litigation support services.

As qualified accountants, NIFA members are able to pool their combined forensic accounting knowledge and expertise to provide an efficient and reliable quality service.

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