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Charities face unique financial challenges. Unlike the commercial sector, which focuses on maximising profit, charities aim to maximise public benefit from limited resources. Doing this successfully requires strong budgetary controls and processes. If you’re a trustee or director of a registered charity, we’ll help you manage your finances efficiently.

Enabling you to keep up the good work

The charity sector is subjected to public scrutiny and is more heavily regulated than most other sectors in the UK. All registered charities in England are regulated by the Charity Commission and answerable to a range of stakeholders, including donors and beneficiaries.

As a consequence, even the smallest charities need to demonstrate that they have robust financial management systems in place, that they are operating in accordance with their objectives, and that they are maximising the public benefit from resources.

We have extensive experience of supporting charitable organisations in their efforts to pursue these goals. We help you by:

  • Reviewing, recommending and implementing improvements in your accounting processes
  • Assisting with financial reporting
  • Formulating proper (and realistic) financial budgets
  • Designing and implementing financial controls and reporting structures to monitor and report performance against budgets
  • Assisting with VAT planning
  • Auditing

If you are a trustee or director of a registered charity and would like to discuss how we might be able to assist you, please contact us to arrange a no-obligation initial meeting.

"Thank you for all your input and support. You have been an inspiration."

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