Ackland Webb Accountants

The construction industry faces specific challenges when it comes to accounting and tax in addition to the general issues faced by all businesses. Whether you’re self-employed in the construction industry or have your own construction business, we’ll assist you and your staff in all aspects of tax and accounting, including establishing, implementing and maintaining proper procedures for accounting and management reporting.

Accounting that’s built around your business

The specific accounting challenges you face in the construction industry include:

  • Dealing with and accounting for retentions and work in progress
  • Implementing job- or project-based management accounting procedures
  • Accurately reporting costs and profits by job and contract
  • Handling VAT on property construction, conversion and development
  • Dealing with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and the status of subcontractors

Are you self-employed in the construction industry, or do you have your own construction business? If so, we might be able to assist you. Contact us to arrange a no-obligation initial meeting.

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